When You Join This Results Producing Mastermind, You'll Get

When join this 9 Month Mastermind, You'll Get Full Online Employee to Entrepreneur Startup Curriculum, the Business Startup & Setup Toolkit, , a Career Sweet Spot Success Roadmap, Strategic Planning Roadmap , Ideal Client/Customer Worksheet, Product / Program Creation Roadmap , Magnetic Marketing Blueprint , Savvy Social Media Success Steps , Magnetic Messaging Templates, Magnetic Marketing Formula , Automate Station: , Subscription Success Formula , Savvy Sales Scripts , The DPC Model, Integrative Medicine & Coaching Practice Growth Toolkits , Bi-Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls , Monthly Mindset and 1-1 Check in Coaching Call, and an Private online community - Not only will the group help keep you accountable, but they will be an resource that could contribute over the long run to the growth and success of your business.

  • Be clear about what your sweet spot is and how to turn it into a fully functioning business

  • Have an offer that screams value to both you and your ideal clients

  • Have a program that is ready to launch and be generating revenue with your first 'beta clients'

  • Know the basic tools and strategies for attracting the clients you want online and off

  • Have your personal social media strategy created so you can attract the clients you want

  • Have a team that can support your forward movement & help you leverage your time

  • Confident and powerful relationship to Sales, and the tools to have seamless and effective sales conversations in any situation and within any time frame

  • By the end of the program, your business will be fully set up and ready to launch so you can start creating momentum and revenue right away.

The Ultimate Physician Entrepreneur's Mastermind

If you are serious about creating an inspired business by design, and are just getting started, the Employee to Entrepreneur "Business by Design" mastermind is for you. This program will take you from idea formation to business manifestation. By the completion of the program, you will have launched your business and be ready to generating real revenue. This is a comprehensive business mastermind that includes startup, program design, marketing and sales course designed by a seasoned physician entrepreneur specifically for physicians, dentists, PA-C's, NP's, Pharmacists, and other practitioners of the medical arts and science.

Create a Profitable Business You Design

  • The Entrepreneur Mindset

    The most important and often least paid attention to aspect of owning a business is personal development. Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster, and MED-E University gives you the tools through our Mind Re-Mapping Trainings to navigate all of the spaces you will encounter on your entrepreneurial road to success.

  • Business Startup

    You don't have to have an MBA to be an great business owner. All you need is the right education, guidance & support. At MED-E University, we teach you the foundational principles of entrepreneurship and business so you can be confident in building a business you can be proud of.

  • Marketing & Sales

    The MED-E University programs take you step by step through the process of creating your irresistible offer, building a strong marketing strategy, creating an effective marketing and sales pipeline so that you see steady and sustainable long term growth and are positioned to effortlessly scale and grow your business.

The Program

How It Works

The Employee to Entrepreneur Startup to Setup Accelerator is a 9 month long program in which you will participate in an online curriculum, live coaching, and an online community which will help to keep you accountable for your goals and progress. When you join the Business by Design Program you are making a commitment to your future. What makes this experience so special is that you get to form relationships with a community of like minds that will last forever.

Your Mentor Coach

Physician, Coach, Author, Trainer, Proud Mom

Maiysha Clairborne MD

Hi! I'm Dr. Maiysha Clairborne. I am a family and integrative medicine physician turned NLP Coach and trainer who helps medical professionals and aspiring doctorpreneurs create profitable & inspired businesses by their design so that they can walk in their purpose and practice on their terms. I eliminate the overwhelm of business & entrepreneurship by providing a step by step strategy, process, and tools to successfully create a business that gives you a sense of contribution & fulfillment. Read My Full Story Here: https://drmaiysha.com/my-story.html

Get a Sneak Peek of the Curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1: First Steps: Vision & Clarity

    • 1-WPEI-EtoE-Module1-Welcome-GroundRules-Course-overview

    • 2-WPEI-EtoE-Module2-ConnectingtoYourWhy

    • 3-WPEI-Module3-Values

    • Connecting to Your Why

    • 4-WPEI-Module4-2-Goals-Outcomes

    • Setting Goals & Outcomes

    • 5-WPEI-Module5-Self-Care-Foundations

    • Create Bucket Lists

    • Create Your Self Care Plan

    • Self Care Needs List

    • 6-WPEI-Module 6-CreatingWorkability

    • Discovering Your Boundaries

    • 6-WPEI-Module-Communicating-Boundaries-2

    • Module 7 - Process of Change

  • 2

    Module 2: Mastering Mindset

    • 9-WPEI-Intro-INternal Programs

    • 10-WPEI-Myers-BriggsExplained

    • 11-WPEI-Meta Programs Intro

    • Chapter 10 Excercise - Taking the Meta Programs Values Inventory

    • 12-Internal-Programs-NegEmot-LimitDec

    • 13-Internal Programs-inner-conflict

  • 3

    Module 3: Making a Successful Career Transition

    • 14-Making-Successful-Transition

    • 15-Bridge Job Options

    • 15-Ideal-Job-Search

  • 4

    Module 4: Business Strategy: Your Niche, The Ideal Client & The Problem You Solve

    • 21- Business Strategy

    • 22-Defining Your Niche

    • 23-Defining the Ideal Client

    • Ideal Client - Buyer Persona

    • Ideal Client Psychographic Profile

    • Ideal Client The Problem, The Before & After

    • Top 10 Problems I solve

    • Creating Your Solution- Seller Persona Exercise

  • 5

    Module 5: Creating Your Programs, Products, & Services

    • 24-Creating Your Solution Segment1

    • 24.2-Your Program-Their Solution

    • 25-Product-Program-ThingstoConsider

    • 27-ConsultingPractice

    • The Consulting Practice Homework

    • The Coaching Practice - Homework

    • The Telemedicine Practice - Homework

    • 29-Creating Online Course-1

    • 30-Creating-ONline-Course-Platforms 2

    • Creating Your Online Course - Homework

    • 31-Books-Pt1

    • Book Publishing Outline

    • 32-BooksPt2-Publishing-HW

    • 33-Integrative-Medicine-Practice

    • 34-Cash Based Practice pt 1

    • Copy of 35-Cash Based Practice pt 2

    • Direct Primary Care Resource Center

    • DPC Practice Forms Center

    • DPC Practice Pricing Structure Reference Guide

  • 6

    Module 6: Connecting To Your Market: Marketing Strategy Overview and Grass Roots Tactics

    • 36-Branding-ExpertStatus

    • 37-Irresistible Offer

    • 38-Connecting to you Market - INtro

    • 39-grassrootsmarketing

  • 7

    Module 7: Connecting to Your Market: The Art of Selling

    • 53-Sales Mastery Intro(DRAFT)

    • 54 - Sales Mindset 1(DRAFT 2)

    • 55 - Sales Mindset-KnowingYourWorth(DRAFT)

    • 56 - Language of Sales(DRAFT 2)

    • 57-Client Closing Conversation(DRAFT)

    • 58-Sales Call Breakdown section1(DRAFT)

    • Sales call Cheatsheet

    • Discovery Call Template

    • 59-Sales-present-circumstance(DRAFT)

    • 60-Create-Possibility(DRAFT 2)

    • 61-Anticipating Objections(DRAFT 2)

    • 62-Transitioning to Sale-AskForMoney(DRAFT)

    • 63-Overcoming Objections Intro(DRAFT)

    • 63-2 Objections - overview

    • 64-Overcoming Objections-Specific(DRAFT)

    • Objections Cheatsheet

    • More Tips on Objections

    • 65-Sales Process Review

    • 66 - Sales System Intro(DRAFT 2)

  • 8

    Module 8: Connecting to Your Market: Social Media Primer

    • 40-Connecting on Social Media-Intro

    • Social Media Marketing - Facebook

    • 41-Facebook Pages

    • 42-FB Groups

    • 43-Facebook-Group-Strategies

    • 44-Facebook Messenger

    • 45-Facebook-Conclusion

    • 47-LinkedIn - Company Page (DRAFT)

    • 52-Social Media Time Mgmt (DRAFT)

  • 9

    Module 9: Connecting to Your Market: Setting Up Your Systems

    • 52b - ClientAttractionSystemIntro(DRAFT)

    • 52c - Funnels 101(DRAFT)

    • 52d - DevelopingYourLeadMagnet(DRAFT)

  • 10

    Module 10: Connecting to Your Market: Email Marketing & Content

    • 52e - email marketing(DRAFT)

    • 52f - Content Marketing(DRAFT)

    • 52g - Winning Webinar(DRAFT)

  • 11

    Module 11: Business Basics

    • Basics Foundations

    • 16-Business-Basics Pt1

    • Business Name

    • 18-Business-Basics-URL-Website

    • 19-Business-Basics-Considerations2

    • Business Basics Checklist

    • 20-Business Basics-DreamTeam-Conclusion

    • Your Dream Team

    • 70 - Conclusion(DRAFT 2)

    • 17 - Business Basics - Business Structure