Eliminate the Invisible Barriers that Slow or Stop Your Progress

Ever wonder how some people can create what they want just by declaring it so? And why some are less plagued with recurring destructive self talk, limiting beliefs, or negative internal dialogue? It's all about the programming of the mind. NLP (Neurolinguistic Programmind) is a process that allows you to get at the root of that limited and negative thinking and remove the invisible barriers that keep you in proverbial quicksand slowing or even stopping your progress. This course will give you the foundational tools to begin getting to the root cause of what's stopping you and removing barriers so you can be free to create a life you design.


Physician, Coach, Author, Trainer, Proud Mom

Maiysha Clairborne MD

Hi! I'm Dr. Maiysha Clairborne. I am a family and integrative medicine physician turned NLP Coach and trainer who helps medical professionals and aspiring doctorpreneurs create profitable & inspired businesses by their design so that they can walk in their purpose and practice on their terms. I eliminate the overwhelm of business & entrepreneurship by providing a step by step strategy, process, and tools to successfully create a business that gives you a sense of contribution & fulfillment. Read My Full Story Here: https://drmaiysha.com/my-story.html

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