• Position Your Brand

    Learn the strategies for getting noticed by the right people, organizations, and even media channels to be able to position and grow your business in the way you want

  • Attract Your Ideal Client

    Learn the strategies, tools, and tactics you need to show up in front of your ideal clients ready to present an offer that they will be dying to take advantage of

  • Clarify Your Message

    Get to know and think exactly your ideal client so that you can craft your message in a way that speaks directly to what they want and are looking for

  • Define Your Target Market

    Get clear on your niche, the problem you solve, and the ideal target market for your product or service

By The End of This Program You Will

  • Have A fully set up system of automation with a firm grasp on how to manage your own marketing campaigns

  • Have A new and confident relationship to social media marketing and advertising

  • Have a fully set up client attraction systems that helps to automate the process of introducing new potential clients to your programs and products

  • Have an Engaging and fun content calendar that you can automate at anytime you choose

  • Have a professionally set up social media accounts that attract your ideal clients

  • Have a confident and powerful relationship to Sales, and the tools to have seamless and effective sales conversations in any situation and within any time frame

  • A strong grasp on how to create revenue through affiliate programs and referral partnerships, and if you choose will have your programs set up and ready to go

Here's What Our Graduates Are Saying

Anne Kristen MD

Integrative Physician

I had one breakthrough call with Dr. Clairborne, and literally from that one interaction she helped me clarify what I really want and gain an abundance mindset to ask for, and create, what I really wanted. I now have a career that is a great fit, flexible, and creative. Highly recommend.

Talia Sierra PA-C & Heidi Brown PA-C

The Burn Clinic

Before joining this program, we were all over the place with our business idea. This program gave us a clear direction of where to go and a solid structure on how to get there. We are grateful for this program. Overall it was worth every penny.

Jeanine Lyn Pharm D

Lavishly Travel Inc

Within only 3 months I had my first physician client. Now I've virtually replaced my income in less than a year running a luxury destination travel management for physicians and medical professionals! I could not do this without her.

Dr Andreé LeRoy

Integrative Physician

Dr Andreé LeRoy Dr Andreé LeRoy

Maiysha Clairborne MD

Dr. Maiysha Clairborne is an integrative family physician, the founder of Stress Free Mom MD and Next Level Physician Entrepreneur’s Institute. Best known for her down to earth personality, authentic humor, and out of the box thinking style, Dr. Maiysha is passionate about helping her physician colleagues who may be unhappy and unfulfilled create careers they love. As Founder of Stress Free Mom MD & CEO of the Next Level Physician Entrepreneur Institute, she passionately shares her expertise on career transition, business, entrepreneurship, and the manifestation mindset because she is committed to the satisfaction, happiness and fulfillment of her peers and colleagues. Her own struggle with burnout is what inspired her to create her signature frameworks and transformational programs that has helped change the careers and lives of thousands of physicians around the world.
Maiysha Clairborne MD

Get a Sneak Peak of the Curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1: First Steps: Vision & Clarity

    • 1-WPEI-EtoE-Module1-Welcome-GroundRules-Course-overview

    • 2-WPEI-EtoE-Module2-ConnectingtoYourWhy

    • 3-WPEI-Module3-Values

    • Connecting to Your Why

    • 4-WPEI-Module4-2-Goals-Outcomes

    • Setting Goals & Outcomes

    • 5-WPEI-Module5-Self-Care-Foundations

    • Create Bucket Lists

    • Create Your Self Care Plan

    • Self Care Needs List

    • 6-WPEI-Module 6-CreatingWorkability

    • Discovering Your Boundaries

    • 6-WPEI-Module-Communicating-Boundaries-2

    • Module 7 - Process of Change

  • 2

    Module 2: Mastering Mindset

    • 9-WPEI-Intro-INternal Programs

    • 10-WPEI-Myers-BriggsExplained

    • 11-WPEI-Meta Programs Intro

    • Chapter 10 Excercise - Taking the Meta Programs Values Inventory

    • 12-Internal-Programs-NegEmot-LimitDec

    • 13-Internal Programs-inner-conflict

  • 3

    Module 6: Connecting To Your Market: Marketing Strategy Overview and Grass Roots Tactics

    • 36-Branding-ExpertStatus

    • 37-Irresistible Offer

    • 38-Connecting to you Market - INtro

    • 39-grassrootsmarketing

  • 4

    Module 8: Connecting to Your Market: Social Media Primer

    • 40-Connecting on Social Media-Intro

    • Social Media Marketing - Facebook

    • 41-Facebook Pages

    • 42-FB Groups

    • 43-Facebook-Group-Strategies

    • 44-Facebook Messenger

    • 45-Facebook-Conclusion

    • 47-LinkedIn - Company Page (DRAFT)

    • 52-Social Media Time Mgmt (DRAFT)

    • 48 - YouTube Primer

  • 5

    Module 9: Connecting to Your Market: Setting Up Your Systems

    • 52b - ClientAttractionSystemIntro(DRAFT)

    • 52c - Funnels 101(DRAFT)

    • 52d - DevelopingYourLeadMagnet(DRAFT)

  • 6

    Module 10: Connecting to Your Market: Email Marketing & Content

    • 52e - email marketing(DRAFT)

    • 52f - Content Marketing(DRAFT)

    • 52g - Winning Webinar(DRAFT)